How To Care For Your Window Tint In The First Days

The first few days after you get your car windows tinted can be confusing. Is there anything you need to do? How can you take care of your windows properly? You need to know what to do to keep the tint in good shape, and really make it last. Are you thinking about getting your windows tinted? These are the things you need to know to keep your window tint in great shape.

Keep the Windows Rolled Up

You should avoid rolling your windows down right after they have been tinted. Otherwise, the adhesive of the tint might not be able to set in yet. In fact, it can take a few days for the tint to set in place. If you try to roll your window down before the tint is set, it might actually start to peel off.

Give the Tint Time to Set In

You may notice parts of the tint that are hazy or appear to have some water in them. This is a temporary thing that might initially make it appear as if your tinting has not been performed properly. However, this is not the case. In fact, the water and haziness will evaporate and leave you with the perfect auto tint in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the climate.

Don't Clean Your Windows Yet

You might be tempted to clean your windows right away, but you need to let the tint take some time to cure. You should wait a few days before you use a light cloth or paper towel to wipe any dust away. This also means you likely need to keep children and pets away from the windows for a few days to prevent the need to clean with chemicals and other materials that could damage your windows.

Take Care of Your Windows

Keep in mind that even after a few days or weeks, your tint can still be a little vulnerable. While most window tint is resistant to scratches, people and pets can still scratch it. The windows can also be tinted by cleaners, sharp edges of boxes, luggage, and even seat belts.

Get Your Car Windows Tinted Today

Tinting your windows can provide your car with several benefits. You can protect your cargo and your passengers from the sun's rays, creating a cool and comfortable ride. If you are interested in window tinting, contact a car window tinting service for more information.