Is Your Tarp System Jammed? Three Repair Approaches That Can Help

If you have sliding tarp systems on some of your trucks, you want to be sure the tarps do not jam up at a critical moment. If the tarps do jam up, there are a few approaches you can take to help unjam them. Just follow the approaches and tips below.

Check the Tracks for Debris

As your trucks roll down the road, the tires churn and spit up debris from the road. Most of the time this debris just bounces off the side of the trailers, but every once in a while, little bits of debris bounce up just right and get wedged into the tracks of the sliding tarp. If a tarp cannot open all the way, look into the tracks where the tarp seems to be stuck. Pull out anything that appears to be caught in the tracks and then try to open the tarp a little further. It should work, but if it does not, check the casters on the bottom edges of the tarp.

Check the Casters

At the bottom of the sliding tarp, there are specialty casters that help slide the tarp down along the track. If a tarp on one of your trucks gets stuck and the problem is not debris stuck in the tracks, take a closer look at the casters. Any caster that is bent out of shape, popped out of place or missing could be the cause of the jam. This type of repair may be something you can handle, but it may be best to call the manufacturer of the tarp first, especially if there is still a warranty in effect.

Check the Frame Supports

The frame supports for most rolling tarps are extremely sturdy. However, in the event that another truck hits one of yours, the frame supports may become slightly bent. That slight bend might be a contributing factor in why your tarp is jammed into a particular position. You might be able to take a hammer and tap the frame back into place. Then check to see if the tarp is easier to open and close. If you are still having issues with the frame supports or if the damage done is a little more extreme, take the truck with its damaged tarp system to an automotive shop for repairs. You may also want to take the truck to a specialty repair shop, one that specializes in sliding tarp repair.