3 Additions That Make It Easier To Go Camping With A Truck

Camping is a favorite family pastime for many people across the country. In fact, nearly 40 million Americans go camping each year. Camping is not just done in tents. Things like RV's, cabins, and even trucks are becoming part of the camping experience. Trucks are a great tool when it comes to camping. Not only can many trucks get into remote off road areas, they can also improve the camping experience. Here are 3 truck additions that can improve the camping experience.

Storage Racks

Camping often involves multiple pieces of equipment that must be stored in the truck while on the way to the campsite. Also being able to enjoy fun activities, such as biking, means that there is a need for equipment storage. This is where roof racks and other storage racks come in handy. Roof racks are one of the most versatile options since they allow for storage of equipment and containers. They usually cost somewhere between $250 and $300. Truck racks are great for securing bicycles to the truck's tailgate or side. Hitch racks are also a great option for trucks that have trailer hitches.

Truck Caps

When it comes to camping, protection against the elements is very important. While a tent may work great when the weather is pleasant, something sturdier is often needed to sleep in when the weather becomes inclement. Truck caps are a great alternative to tents. They are waterproof and offer enough additional space for sleeping. The cost varies from truck to truck and depends on what material is used for the cap. Usually truck caps are made of one of three materials: aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic/composite. Aluminum is the least expensive material, usually costing less than $900, but it often looks dingy and dented after a few years. Fiberglass is pricey, coming in around $1,500–$2,000, but it's a more attractive material than aluminum. Plastic or composite usually costs more than aluminum but less than fiberglass. It's a material that looks more attractive than aluminum while offering the same weatherproofing quality.

Truck Tents

While truck caps are a great way to protect against the elements, they are also costly. Truck tents are a fraction of the cost and offer many benefits. These tents are a great choice for campsites that do not have flat ground to lay a traditional tent on. The flatbed of the truck with the truck tent above can make for a much more comfortable camping experience. These tents also offer some protection from the elements, though not as much as truck caps offer.

Camping is a great way for friends and family to bond over the outdoors. Now camping is not just limited to a tent in the middle of the woods. Accessories such as truck caps, truck tents, and storage racks can all make camping with a truck a more enjoyable experience. Visit J & C Campers to look at some options.