A Guide To Selecting The Right Window Tinting

One of the benefits of auto body window tinting is that it's highly customizable, depending on your preferences. Here are some of the options that you will need to choose from.

How Dark the Tint Is

There are actually many variations of window tints to choose from. Lighter shades of window tint, such as 70% window tint, are great if you just want to add a little more privacy and shade to your vehicle but don't want to lose too much visibility for your driver. The darker shades, such as 5% window tint, are a better option for keeping your car cool and economizing your air conditioner, since they will filter out a lot of the sun's heat and light. Not all shades will be available at all auto body shops, since each state has its own rules on how dark window tinting can legally be.

The Expense and Quality of Materials

There is also some variety in the types of window tint that can be applied. All of them are a variety of synthetic film that is adhered to your window glass. The cheapest option for adding window tint is called plastic dyed tinting film, but you may lose some quality in terms of its durability. On the other end of the spectrum is ceramic tinting film. The moderate option would be 2-ply dyed metalized hybrid window tinting film. The multiple layers add a bit of strength, while the cheaper material costs keep your expenses lower than with the ceramic tint. Of course, check with your individual auto body shop, since the difference in cost between materials will vary greatly.

Which Windows You Need Tinted

The common choices are to get just the rear windows tinted or to get all four side windows tinted. Getting all four done is great if you are looking for energy economy. But some people don't like to have their driver's side window tinted, in which case just the back windows also looks great.

Service Packages

Finally, you will need to choose what service packages to include with your car window tint at an auto body shop. Hopefully, you don't have any problems, and your auto body shop may include several months to a year of repairs with your initial purchase. But after that, you'll be on your own for repairs of peeling and chipping unless you opt for a warranty with your auto body shop.