Protecting The Bed Of Your Pickup Truck With A Bed Cover

The bed of your truck is designed to be out in the weather and hold up fine but if you do not use the bed to haul things in or if you just really want it to look nice, there are a few options that will help keep it in great shape as well as protecting anything you put in it. Covering the bed of your truck offers a great look, protection, and security all at the same time. Here are a few options when it comes to truck bed covers.

Soft Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are very nice looking and made of a heavy vinyl material that is attached to the truck bed with either hook and loop fasteners or snaps that are attached to the bed or on a rail that clamps onto the bed of the truck. They add a very nice look to the truck, keep water out and offer protection for the items in the truck bed should bad weather arrive while you have things stored in it. They are easy to install and are the most inexpensive option for covering the truck bed. You can find custom covers with logos and designs on them as well if you like that look.

Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard covers are made from fiberglass and often lock when closed so you can secure items in the bed without worrying about them being stolen. The covers are installed with hinges on the end closest to the cab and most of them have gas struts that help support them when the cover is open. Because of the design, the tailgate cannot be opened when the cover is in the down position, offering protection for items in the bed and security as well.

Truck Caps

Fiberglass truck bed caps are the largest type of cover and sit up on the bed rail on the bottom and extending to the roof line or above on the cab. They have windows all the way around and give you a great place to carry cargo and gear as well as offer protection and security for those items inside. Because of the height of the cap, you can carry much larger items in the truck and still have them covered up. They are available in many styles and colors to match your truck's paint or have one painted to match a custom paint job if you like. Either way, your cargo will remain safe and dry and the truck bed is well protected from the elements too.