Tips To Protect The Carpets And Upholstery In Your Corvette

Your new Corvette is quite the investment, so it makes sense that you want to take care of it inside and out. The upholstery and carpets are often overlooked when it comes to in-depth care, even though they are exposed to multiple damaging things on a daily basis. These include normal wear and tear from passengers and regular use as well as damage that can occur due to sun and heat exposure.

Tip #1: Protect from sun damage

The sun can be a major source of damage to your Corvette's upholstery. Tinted windows look cool on a sports car as well as provide some protection from the sun and heat. Unfortunately, you won't be able to tint the front window. An option is to purchase a custom fit sun shield for your Corvette. These fit snugly into the front windshield and aren't as cumbersome or ugly as the foil covered discount store versions of sun shades you may have seen. When not in use, you can fold them up compactly to fit in a glove box or under a seat.

Tip #2: Treat the seats

A stain resistant treatment on the seats is another good investment for an expensive car like a Corvette. These treatments can be applied to seats, floor boards, and even the headliner. Spills and dirt simply wipe off with a moist cloth. If you have leather seats, then treating the seats is even more important. A good leather conditioning program needs to be followed so that the sun and heat don't lead to cracks. Dry leather is also more likely to soak up spills and stains, while well-conditioned leather can be wiped clean. Each time you have the car washed and detailed, make sure to also have the leather conditioned.

Tip #3: Invest in quality mats

Quality floor mats made to specifically fit your Corvette will prevent wear and tear to the carpet. Opt for heavy mats that won't shift or become curled or misshapen with use. Just keep in mind that while mats keep the worst of the dirt off of the carpeting, eventually some dirt will work underneath the mats. For this reason, the mats should be removed and thoroughly vacuumed each time you have the Corvette washed. The carpeting beneath the mats will also need to be vacuumed each time you clean the car.

For more help, contact a supplier of Corvette and auto supplies for Corvette floor mats and other products. They will help you choose the best products to protect your car.