Car Magnets: The Perfect Advertising Tool

Getting the word out to potential customers about your business' services and products is essential for long term success. There are many advertising tools that you can turn to, but few can offer the same benefits as car magnets. 

A well designed car magnet has the potential to raise awareness for your business and bring more customers in the door. Follow these simple tips to design car magnets that will serve as an asset for your growing business.

Opt For Simplicity

One of the primary benefits that car magnets can offer is the ability to serve as a mobile advertisement for your business. Anytime you drive a vehicle with your company's magnets attached, you are spread your company's marketing message. 

It's important to remember that passing motorists will only have a short window of time in which to view your magnets. Keep the design simple and easy to understand for maximum advertising efficiency.

Use Bold Colors

Color plays a central role in the design of many marketing and advertising projects. When you consider the environment your car magnets will be viewed in, it's easy to see why color selection is particularly important for car magnet design. 

Stick with a bold color palette that will be able to compete with billboards and other roadside distractions as you travel public roadways with your car magnets in tow.

Take Time to Measure

Car magnets do come in standard sizes, but that doesn't mean that a standard magnet will look best on your vehicle. A magnet that is too small or too large for your vehicle could send the wrong message to consumers. 

Use a measuring tape to obtain the exact specifications for the vehicle panel where you want to display your magnet. These measurements can be used to create a custom car magnet that will complement both your vehicle and your company.

Advertising has the potential to make or break your company. Using a variety of advertising tools can help you maximize your reach.

Car magnets are a great advertising option for smaller companies who might not have the budget to invest in costly advertising campaigns. Car magnets can also be utilized by larger companies looking to affordably increase brand recognition.

With car magnets that have a simple, yet bold design, you can enjoy a significant return on your advertising investment. Invest in quality car magnets, such as from ARC Marketing, to attach to your company vehicles today.