The Driver's Guide To Maintenance As Summer Cools And Winter Weather Is On The Horizon

Truck maintenance is important throughout the year, but especially as the seasons change. During the summer weather, you need to do things to prevent overheating and keep you cool while on the road. When the summer weather begins to subside and winter gets closer, it is time to start with some of the following maintenance to prepare your truck for colder driving weather:

  • Clean Your Truck and Inspect the Exterior for Damage That Needs to Be Repaired — Over the summer months, the exterior of your truck collects debris that makes it difficult to spot damage. Take your damaged vehicle to a full-service diesel center and clean it. Once the exterior is clean, inspect the body, cab, and suspension for damage that needs to be repaired before the winter months.
  • Check Tire Treads and Pack Gear for Driving on Roads with Snow and Ice — Over the summer months, the hot pavement of roads can cause wear of tire treads, which can cause problems during winter weather. Check the tires and have them changed if they are worn and do not have enough tread. In addition, make sure to pack gear and truck accessories to help you deal with snow and ice in the toolbox of your truck, such as a portable shovel and chains for your tires.
  • Make Sure the Battery Holds a Full Charge and Change It If Needed — The battery of your truck is important and can be vulnerable in cold weather if it is old and does not hold a full charge. Have a full-service diesel repair service test the battery while maintenance is being done. If the battery is weak, you will want to have it changed before winter weather to ensure it does not go dead while you are on the highway.
  • Change the Fluids and Make Sure the Engine Is Prepared for Driving in Winter Weather — Before you start driving in winter weather, you want to make sure the engine and drivetrain are prepared for cold temperatures. First, make sure to have the cooling system flushed, and then refill it with an antifreeze that protects against the coldest temperatures. In addition, when the transmission fluid and oil is changed, use lighter formulas that are less likely to turn to gel-like substances when the temperatures dip below freezing.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your truck for colder driving weather as autumn arrives and it starts to get cooler. If you want to be sure your truck is ready for the road before the first winter storm, contact a truck accessories service to get the winter gear you need before the weather changes.